HUDA 2014 – Waking up your Emotion (Khoi Dong Cam Xuc)

Huda – the top Beer Brand of Central Vietnam wants to build a campaign that make people feel proud of their home town and Huda is a part of soulmate’s moment.

The song “Huda Khơi Dòng Cảm Xúc” has brought the harmony of people and landscape of Central Vietnam.

To be known as the most succesful campaign of Huda. The song has become the well-known melody of local people since 2014. There was 78% of consumers said that they feel proud hearing the song and 55% of consumers said that Huda has brought people together (figures from MillwardBrown). Huda is now a leader of Central Vietnam market.

Ads Agency Partner:
Bates 141

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