FAMI 2015 – Home Is Where (Nha La Noi…)

National Family’s Day 28/6 is not a popular day in Vietnam. Fami wants to make a campaign that makes people more concern to this day with the viral marketing plan.

“Home is where…” with the emotional lyrics and melodies has touch the consumers’ souls.

“Home is where..” after one week uploaded has 564.000 views on Facebook and more than 3 millions views on Youtube. After that, 21,849 people have shared their defination of “Home” with designed poster. More than 30 famous people have participated in this campaign, such as: Mỹ Linh, Gào, Hoàng Bách, Thái Trinh, Lưu Diễm Hương,….

Ads Agency Partner:
Ogilvy Mather Vietnam

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